“Throw your best friend under the bus” challenge

A challenge that does not exist. But if it would, my bestie and me would totally win it. Every single time. Not one week we don’t do that to each other at least once. Each. No joke. Just today she totally posted a picture of me on Facebook. In sexy golden top and shorts. So far, so good, but combined with black thights and blue metallic shoes? Extremely sexy … not! Yes, we do love each other. Can’t beat us on that. :D

Well, I need to try and get some trust back. Your trust. In my “Fashion mojo” as another, slightly taller Ana called it.

This is a party outfit I found at Collabor88. Hey, I always knew, if you need the real cute look, go to Tres Blah. But this is seriously the “Cute & Sexy Look”! It immediately changed my plans to get me a half sheer long gown for the party. This is ooooo much better. And it has glitter!

fangirling 01
Let’s talk about the right make up now. A dress like that needs color, glitter and shine without looking slutty. Studio Exposure came up with an amazing group gift this month that is exactly what is needed for an outfit like this

fangirling closeup

Upper picture: 

Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Mannequin 05

Top: Tres Blah – Draped Halter – Silver @ Collabor88
Skirt: Tres Blah – Party Skirt – Black @ Collabor88
Hair: TRUTH Apple – Multitone 1

Lower picture:

Pose: FOXCITY. Highlights VOL2-6m

Hair: TRUTH Apple – Multitone 1


His Shirt

Why is that, that we all like a girl in her boyfriend’s shirt? I know why I love to wear it. It is way too big and just comfy. I used to do that whenever my boyfriend was gone for a few days. It smelled so like him ;)

Many men love it too. A barefeet girl in an oversized shirt is extremely sexy for so many. I dunno, for me it still looks extremely comfy :)

His Shirt

A few posts ago I meantioned how much I love hair. One of my favorites is the messy style. Looking as if I just got out of bed is perfect for me^^

His Shirt Closeup

Upper photo: Bauhaus Movement – The Way You Like It 08
Lower photo: FOXCITY. Milk Bath-4

Cheeky Pea:
:CP: Vetur Twinkling Stars
:CP: Vetur Lit Drapes
:CP: Vetur Bed
all @ Uber

Shirt: erratic / julia – boyfriend shirt / blue plaid (maitreya)
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Veronika hair – Blonds @ Uber

White Rose

Tattoes are something I love, but lately I saw so many skulls and creepy stuff which is so not me, so I almost gave up finding something that would make me really crave it. But when I checked out White Widow today, I ran into this one. White Roses are my favorite flowers ever, since I was a child. My parents loved their garden, and a white rose was my very first own flower growing there. Since that day I have a white rose wherever I live. No matter what flowers I have, a white rose has to be there too 

White Rose

Pose & Prop: FOXCITY. Bad Kitty VOL2 Bento Pose Set

Tattoo: [White~Widow] Loving – White
Panty: Blueberry – Date Night – Maitreya/Belleza/Slink

You should do more

A close friend of mine likes my black and white pictures. Lately he wasn’t feeling really well, but even not being online at all, he took a peek at my blog every day. Today we talked for the first time after almost two weeks, and he said “I love your black and white pictures, you should do more”

And his wish is my command. So here is another monochrome photo. And even not showing the color of the beautiful bodysuit, it shows perfectly how beautiful the applications are made. I knew this would be perfect for a black and white picture, but I wasn’t expecting how beautiful it would come out.

Could you do

Pose & Prop: FOXCITY. Bad Kitty Bento Pose Set

Bodysuit: _CandyDoll_Aerissa Set Aqua
Hair: Exile – Blown Away – Blondes

Baby it’s cold outside!

LET.ME.IN!! Dang I don’t like pranks at all. (Especially if I am barefeet as you can not see in the photo :D)

Just four more days and it is time for all the new group gifts we love so much. ChicModa will come up with this cute version of the Bonnie Sweater from December 1st. As always, it comes in the sizes for Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique and Slink Hourglass. Make sure to wear your Grouptag to grab it at the Mainstore

Baby its cold outside

Pose: FOXCITY. Recollection (VIP Gift 10-17)
Edited with Animare
Backdrop (Window): [ Focus Poses ] Frosty Morning 2 @ FaMESHed
Backdrop (outside): Studio Skye – Skye Enchanted Tree Tunnel

Top: ChicModa // December Group Gift (available from 12/1/2017 @ the Mainstore)
Hair: TRUTH Rumor – Multitone 1
Eyeshadow: Arte – Verity Eyeshadow – Set 04

Ready to Party?

Christmas is coming closer, followed by New Years Eve with all it’s parties. Not only do we need makeup. Jewelry, eyeshadow, lipstick, and all that in many colors. We need to get our hair done, and all has to match the gowns or whatever outfits we choose.

So I went shopping for some color for my face and got home with these gems. I think I am all set for the parties now. Just tell me when and where

Ready to Party

Pose: FOXCITY. Bad Kitty VOL2 Bento Pose Set

Eyeshadow: Arte – Verity Eyeshadow – Set 04
Rings: **RE** Luxy Rings Set 1.3
Nailpolish: {ZOZ} Glitter Shells (Maitreya)
Hair: TRUTH VIP – September

Something Black & White

As you all know, I love black & white photography. While working on this picture, I just couldn’t resist. This Rapunzel 2017 just had to be all black and white.

It is Saturday morning here, so you all have a great and relaxed weekend ♥

Rapunzel 2017

Pose: Foxcity. Lolita-3m

Top and Panties: Apple May Designs – Shae – Pale Pink
Hair: Exile – Windsong – Blondes