Lady in Pink

Pink, a color I do have a in and out relationship with all my life. As a child, of course I loved it. Every little girl loves pink I guess. For me, it was a six weeks love. Maybe seven. Then I decided that it is way too girly girly and I changed my mind to blue.
Later, as a teenager, Pink was not 80s enough. Everything had to be blue, green, red, white, preferably at the same time. Don’t ask. Don’t overthink. We talk about the 80s!

Later, I started to hate pink. Whenever someone suggested something pink to me, I hissed “Am I a girly girly candy girly or a  grown ass woman?”

Today, as you can see, my mind changed again. Just, I would not call it pink. I prefer the soft pastel rose tone. And yes, if you don’t chew on a chewing gum and don’t wear pigtails, it isn’t girly girly at all. This fur should proof it.
It is never about the color, ladies. It is how you combine things. I would say, this pink fur combined with these shoes should work perfectly for a lady?!

Lady in Pink

Pose & Prop: FOXCITY. Bad Kitty VOL2 Bento Pose Set

Stole: [Glitzz] Fur Stole L3 – Fatpack @ Trés Chic
Shoes: #EMPIRE – Calla
Hair: TRUTH VIP – March 2017


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