Let’s talk about a secret… SCANDAL!

Recently there was another “scandal” going round. About racism, about Scandalize, and what ever. On the oh so amazing side “SL Secrets” (attention: extreme sarcasm)

That side full of shit makes my temper go high every single time I hear someone go “OHMY GAAAW HAVE YOU SEEN ON SL SECRETS?”
NO! I have NOT! And no matter what will be put up there, I don’t care. You have something to say? Get your coward butt out of the anonymity and say what you have to say. If it’s the truth and you can proove it – good! Why hiding then, bitch? Ohhhh.. you can’t proof it? It just comes out of pure envy? Then shut the EFF up.

Yes, this was a very vulgar post. But you know, that’s me. That’s how I feel about things like this. If you don’t know what you do to others with your psychopathic behaviour, get educated. It doesn’t hurt, have no fear. And if you have the balls to touch a book, you will find out what that kind of lying and denunciation can do, whole countries suffered from psychopathic autocrats manipulating people that way. It is fucked up!

Or to say it as easy as I can to make sure even you little SL Secrets poster will get it: you suck! Bigtime!

Let me tell you a secret SCANDAL


Pose: GingerfishPoses – Lipstick Love
(Left hand edited via Maitreya hand hud)
Backdrop: FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Trapped GG01-18

Top & Leggings:  Scandalize – Senuna @ Cosmopolitan
Hair: Truth Scout



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