My Babies Made a Mess

Usually I am not a great decorator. Not that I don’t like it. But at the moment I am a non-sponsored blogger. It has its pros and cons. I blog what I buy out of my own budget. But that means, no matter how much I might like something, I think twice “do I really need it personally?” When it comes to decoration, sadly the answer is no most of the time. Like many bloggers, I live on a platform. No house, no beach. So no matter how much I like the bed I see, no matter how awesome that kitchen is I stare at – I really don’t need another one and another one. Not to mention any other decoration like carpets, and picture frames and and and. But when I saw this clutter, I just had no chance to resist it.

Fifty Linden Fridays are my best friend, I love to pick up awesome furniture there and test my patience until I am able to put a little scene together.

Some days ago, I had a talk (and hysterical giggle) about doing a “cat mom” pic. Seeing this decoration at the Blush event, I knew right away what I wanna do. *another hysterical giggle right here* And yes, being an Addams-fan for many years, it had to be Amalia Rainwood’s newest release for it!

My Babies Made a Mess


Pose: Foxcity. – Steamy-1m (Fatpack exclusive)

What I am wearing:

Top: Addams // Indigo Tank Top
Shorts: Addams // Indigo High Waisted Shorts
Hair: TRUTH VIP January – Teanna


Dresser: {what next} Sofia Dresser
Stool: dust bunny . knitted stool
Keyboard: Seven Emporium – 7 – A903 Mini Keyboard
Lingerie Clutter: +Half-Deer+ Lingerie Clutter @ Blush Fair
Cats: Fashiowl – Kittens @ Tres Chic
Rug: [Brixley] laurel rug


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