Inner Cowgirl

Now what is that? I guess I just made that up. Kinda. But when so many speak of their “inner child”, the “inner lil me”, I am more that cowgirl type. That chick isn’t old either. But I thought “inner cowchild” might give wrong ideas^^

I did horseback riding half my life, my favorite memories are those of me on my brother’s horse all alone in the woods till the sun went down. And I love to listen to country music every day, for hours and hours.
For many years I dreamed of going on vacation to Canada, 4 weeks through the wilderness on the back of a horse. Unfortunately I was never able to fullfil that dream

Cowgirl 2

All my life I was far from being a Diva. Still today I feel satisfied after a long day digging in the dirt in my garden. So instead of sitting in a fine restaurant, the perfect vacation to me is the idea of sitting at a fire after a long day on a horse. I might still one day get me the bonfire part of that dream though :)


Photo above:
Pose: Foxcity. Lolita-4

Top:Blueberry – Zuzu Denim – Maitreya/Belleza/Slink
Hair: TRUTH Montana

Photo below:

Pose & Prop: Artis – Smoking 5 LH
Hair: TRUTH Montana


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