Amazed by Talent

Talent is something that amazes me the most. Yes I know, our society these days is focused on hard work, and don’t get me wrong, I have so much respect for everyone who works hard day by day.

Talent is something we can not control. We have it, or not. And we all are different, so everyone has different talents. There are so many people who’s talent amazes me, let me point out just a few. Yeah, I know, you now expect me to mention Sassy – ey, you know that she is talented in many ways. You don’t? Time to check that out for yourself!^^

Two girls made my jaw drop lately though. Sunshine Zhangsun was the first. Not only does she have a great talent to take pictures, she is a wonderful writer, and how she looked right into me after asking only one simple question is even beyond amazing.
The other one was just today. Emi, the designer of e.marie. Her rigging for Maitreya Lara is “just” experimental. But that experiment went extremely well. I don’t know why Maitreya makes it so hard for designers to get their designer kit, and excuse me for keeping my thoughts about those “politics” to me. Let me instead show you what a wonderful work Emi did with this top:

Amazed by Talent

Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Fade to Black 320 Kbps 21
Backdrop: Paparazzi – BACKDROP – NOEL

Top: e.marie // Baseball Tee – Petal @ N21
Shorts: Addams // Sienna Ripped Short // Glycine
Hair:#Foxy – Milena Hair (Dark Blondes) @ Kustom9


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