Winter can come!

According to the calendar, we just entered the winter season. But when I look outside – it is still fall, no snow anywhere, and the temperatures are way too high for any snow. I am not a “that kind of Winter” person. I like it cold, I like tons of snow, and I love to do long walks through those tons of snow. As a friend always says: “there is no bad weather. There is only bad clothing!”
He is soo right, and you might call me crazy, but I love to watch my breath in th cold air, being all wrapped up in fluffy wool sweaters, warm boots, layers of thights, leggings and pants, and when I come home giggling about my red nose :D Any coffee or hot chocolate tastes soo much better after a long winter walk like that!

Winter can come

Pose: Bauhaus Movement – (Screa-ming) Harder-Faster-Better-Louder 25

Jacket & Sweater: fame femme: Leather jacket & Sweater – Brown @ District 20
Hair: TRUTH Halona – Blonde @ Uber


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