Bananas are a very healthy fruit, in fact…… well in fact that is defenitely not, what I wanted to write about. It is more about this shirt, and about me. When I saw it, I just had to have it. Made me laugh – my best friends call me AnaBanana. Which is, I believe, a very common nickname for someone called Ana.
But over the years, I got used to it. And I got very picky with it. My bestie calls me that constantly, with sligth variations. AnaBananaCakes…. yummy. From some people it makes me smile wide when they start calling me AnaBanana. But then again, sometimes I can not stand it. If I am not really close to someone, I feel like “um wait, did we already have breakfast together?”
I know, it is crazy, nuts. But then again – I am known for being crazy and nuts!


Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Riona

Top: erratic / janelle – crop top / banana (maitreya)
Skirt: ChicModa // Lynn Skirt
Shoes: #EMPIRE – Laurel
Hair: TRUTH Cheri – Blonde


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