How do I get inspired?

A question many ask. Everyone is different, and my inspiration comes in so many ways. Be it a song, be it a pose I see, or an outfit I try on.

With this lingerie set it came in a funny way. The recent weather changes here gave me a hard time. I is not that we had extremely bad weather. But I feel every change, may it be from good to bad, but also from bad to good. It effects my body, and with that it effects my mood. Who wouldn’t get grumpy when the bones hurt?

So I went on today, just to check on a few stores I always loved, but lost track of. Recently Cynthia Ultsch followed me on Flickr, and every blogger knows this “OMGOMGOMG” feeling. Followed right away by “oh lawwwwd, why have I stopped checking on her things???” There was a time when I even stalked her, but then I got lost in checking for new, upcoming stores, got lost in looking for tattoos and and and.
So, to make a long story short, I “updated myself” on her latest releases and found this lingerie set. This is so my style! No cutie cutie bow and blingy stuff. It is pure hotness! It is just me, myself and I, just completely the way I feel when I wanna feel sexy!

And the moment I tried the demo, the inspiration was back. ♥


Pose: :LW: Poses – Time can not erase

Bra & Panty: [Cynful] Lucid Dream – Bra + Panty @ Frou Frou
Garter & Fishnets: [Cynful] Lucid Dream – Garter + Fishnets @ Frou Frou
Hair: TRUTH Montana


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