Good Morning Sunshine

That was the first thing I heard – well read – this morning. And it made this morning just a little brighter. Amazing, what a few nice words can do. Especially when you gotta leave the house while it is raining cats and dogs!

I find myself doing some things lately that were a big no no for me. I love to flirt. Here and there. A few minutes, maybe an hour through a chat at a show, but thats it then for me. “I dont have time for anything like that on SL!” is a sentence all my friends know from me. Try to chat with me on Facebook and you face silence. Excect for a few who I consider close to me and always have an open ear for, be it on SL, on Skype or Facebook. But for a few days I actually enjoy a nice and mostly funny talk exactly there. New year, new Ana? Flirting? Moi? For days now? Take a wiiiild guess – and as I say a lot, no more comments without contacting my lawyer!^^

Good Morning Sunshine


Pose: Gingerfish Poses – Sour Times

What I am wearing:

Lingerie: e.marie // Love Me Gacha – Lara Exp @ The Epiphany
Bubble Tea: e.marie // Love Me Gacha – Lara Exp @ The Epiphany
Bear Slippers: e.marie // Love Me Gacha – Lara Exp @ The Epiphany
Hair: TRUTH Scout


Coffee Station: {what next} Colonna Coffee Station
Shepherd: JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 14. Sleepy Adult
Rug: [Brixley] laurel rug


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