Today I suddenly understood why the word “luna” is in the term “lunatic”. We had this super blue blood whatever moon thingy. And I had my girls thingy going on. That combination turned me into a frickin vulcanic mess. Even a friend who reached out to me, totally sweet, made me growl behind my screen. Thank God the sweet Ellen didn’t hear that as she tried so hard to cheer me up. I was a totally growling, grumpy luna-tic.

But then, as the hours went by, bosslady called. “Testinggggg! Ara is ready” .. Guess what the little lunatic over here did. Screaming and growling even more. Not to meantion my eye-rolling! But ooohhhhhhhhhhhmyyyy what a hot little dress can do to the mood. I went from luna-tic to luna-sexy. Ok, yes, I made that word up. But it totally fits. Now, that the photo is done, I wanna go party! Dancing in the moonlight or so *evilish lunatic grin*



Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Riona

Dress:  ChicModa – Ara – Mainstore (re)release 2/1/2018
Necklace: Empyrean Forge – EF: Tesoro del Luna Redux
Hair: TRUTH – Scout


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