The other day, when I was digging through all my rl photos, so many great memories came back. Especially from the time when acting was my most time consuming hobby. And stagefright something I never got rid of, no matter how often I was up on that stage. We had a love-hate relationship, that stagefright bitch and me. I felt sick, my stomach felt as if it was turning in constant circles, my hands shaking till the moment I was up there in the lights. From there on it was gone, and I wasn’t me anymore. The day we all had a fit of laughter *on* stage didn’t really help to ease that stagefright demon at all ;)



Prop w/ Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Anais’s Violin
Backdrop: MINIMAL – Omnia Backdrop
Taken @ Backdrop City

Dress: .::Dead Dollz::. Anja
Hair: TRUTH Halona


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