Babydoll, not ~girl

Interesting conversation I had today. Nicknames, “petnames”, likes, dislikes, kinks. During that conversation the term “Babygirl” dropped, and it reminded me of the first time I ever heard a girl call a man “Daddy”. Back then it freaked the hell out of me, it took forever for me to understand how it was meant. Yet, still after some years, I can’t get myself to call a man “Daddy”. Although I think I understand, it just freaks me out.

And then, there is that other meaning: Sugar Daddy. It does not freak me out, but it makes me freak out. I never had a Sugar Daddy, and before I EVER go down that path, I take on 4 more jobs! Like every girl of course I love gifts, and I love to be spoiled. But never ever will I rely on a man to finance my SL. Too much pride in that booty!

On the other hand, being called “babygirl” without all the other things coming with it…. who wouldn’t start purrrring to that??



Pose: Gingerfish Poses – Sour Times
Backdrop: CMYK// 3. pastel magical studio
Taken @ Backdrop City

Dress & Choker: Addams // Ludmila Babydoll with Panties
Hair: *ARGRACE* YURA – Blondes


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