When I saw this outfit from Addams, it immediately reminded me of my favorite outfit in the 80s. Yes yes I know, we all think of different colors, we think of shoulderpads that made us look like huge closets, we think of blue netshirts pulled over green t-shirts. And yes, I also wore that too. A lot. Guilty as charged. But my favorite was this. A denim overall, a shirt. Ok ok, my Mom would have never allowed the shirt to be so short or the pants ripped to pieces (as she would have called it), but there were ways… and I know you know what I am talking about.

Enough damaging my innocent reputation, let me show you what I am talking about



Pose: Imitation – Sabi 3
Backdrop: MINIMAL – Underground Background -1-
Taken @ Backdrop City

Top: Addams // Jane Crop Top
Overall: Addams // Jane Denim Overoll
Hair: TRUTH Imani
Shoes: #EMPIRE – Lavatera


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