Who will take me for a ride?

Bikes and me – weird relationship. On SL, I am an awesome driver. Although I own a few bikes, I am still the leader on the “who hit the wall the most times” leaderboard. No wall too far away for me, no bush to small to hit it. My aim at least is perfect^^

To me a man on a bike is seriously sexy. I can’t even explain why. But then, who cares. Watch and enjoy^^

In RL though, there is no way to get me on a bike. I get tense like a rock, I lean *against* any turnings – I am pure danger if you take me with you. Just the thought of getting on a bike scares the sh** outta me. So, I guess, I stay where I am an keep watching. And hit some more walls on SL :D

Will you take me for a ride


Pose & Prop: Imitation – Kendra 9
Bike: Turlaccor Custombike BOX Electra – Solid

Top: fame femme: Anya Shirt
Pants: VARONIS – Irina Pants
Hair: TRUTH Cheri


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