Quality Night Preparations

Friends and I had an interesting talk about how we would do a quality night with our significant other. Little trivia: In german we call them “our better half”. Not really sure if that always fits :D

Back to topic. It was interesting to see how differently the girls thought about that. For one it was a candlelight dinner, I swear she would be in the kitchen for days to prepare. For one it was going out, dressed up nicely, a fine (and of course expensive) restaurant. And guess who would have to pay. Personally, I don’t think it needs much. Especially not much (of his) money. His favorite drink, dressed up nicely, and a smile tells him enough 

Quality Night Preparations

Pose & Prop: Imitation – Kendra 11
Backdrop: D.U.S.T. Mirrored Hall -photobox-3D build / PURE SMALL
Taken @ Backdrop City

Dress: Addams // Frostine Winter Wool Dress
Hair: TRUTH Montana


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