This is what you get…

… when you eat your icecream too fast. Seriously, don’t do it. This weird feeling of a cramp right behind your eyebrow is just…

Soooo, my dears, how many of you already: smoked a whole package? Ate a bag of potatoe chips? I know one of you did ^^

And before you tell me “oh you smart a**” .. the idea for this picture came to me RL. Today. When I had an icecream. This is what I got for having icecream in the winter! No comments please …

Dont eat your icecream too fast

Pose: Imitation – Amara 5
Backdrop: Astralia – Vintage backgrounds (Fast Food)
Icecream: e.marie // Ice Cream Cone – Heart Strawberry

Dress: ChicModa // Mae
Hair: TRUTH VIP October – Makena


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