New Year, New Goals?

And here we go again. First day of a new year – “This year I will quit smoking, will get my perfect body back, will get my dream job, will quit this and will start that”
I wonder how many will say tomorrow “I smoked a whole package, had a huge bag of potatoe chips and figured I probably won’t have any chance to get that job.. and so on and so on”

I refused to do anything like that. Just because someone some hundred years ago decided “oh lets make this one the start of a new year in a new calendar” it won’t motivate me to do something I wasn’t motivated the last 364 days at all. Although I have one wish: That this year will bring some more consistency and less rollercoaster for me, and that this madness out there will stop. My personal goal? To keep doing what I did the past months: Do what is in my own control to get what I wish for. Which will automatically bring some peace and some more good mood to my life.

Happy New Year everyone ♥


New Year New Goals

Pose: Imitation – Amara 3

Dress: Addams // Gabrielle Dress
Hair: TRUTH Rumor


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