Follow your instincts

Sometimes it is hard. Your head tells you to not do something, pure logic tells you to not do something, it is just reasonable to not do something. But every cell in you says “do it!”. Then just listen to it. Same goes for the “don’t do it” version. If your stomach cringes by the thought of doing something, then just don’t touch it, even if every reason tells you to do it. I learned that lesson kind of hard in my life.
Today I was in such a situation. Reason told me it is insane to do something. But something inside me told me to do it. We will see what the outcome is – I did it and even if everyone would tell me “you are nuts” – I am calm, I have faith ^^

Follow your instincts

Pose: Bauhaus Movement – There is something

Dress: fame femme : Rina Dress – Grey @ Cosmopolitan
Shoes: #EMPIRE – Nymphea
Hair: Stealthic – Reprise (Blondes)


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