“Throw your best friend under the bus” challenge

A challenge that does not exist. But if it would, my bestie and me would totally win it. Every single time. Not one week we don’t do that to each other at least once. Each. No joke. Just today she totally posted a picture of me on Facebook. In sexy golden top and shorts. So far, so good, but combined with black thights and blue metallic shoes? Extremely sexy … not! Yes, we do love each other. Can’t beat us on that. :D

Well, I need to try and get some trust back. Your trust. In my “Fashion mojo” as another, slightly taller Ana called it.

This is a party outfit I found at Collabor88. Hey, I always knew, if you need the real cute look, go to Tres Blah. But this is seriously the “Cute & Sexy Look”! It immediately changed my plans to get me a half sheer long gown for the party. This is ooooo much better. And it has glitter!

fangirling 01
Let’s talk about the right make up now. A dress like that needs color, glitter and shine without looking slutty. Studio Exposure came up with an amazing group gift this month that is exactly what is needed for an outfit like this

fangirling closeup

Upper picture: 

Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Mannequin 05

Top: Tres Blah – Draped Halter – Silver @ Collabor88
Skirt: Tres Blah – Party Skirt – Black @ Collabor88
Hair: TRUTH Apple – Multitone 1

Lower picture:

Pose: FOXCITY. Highlights VOL2-6m

Hair: TRUTH Apple – Multitone 1


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    1. thank you, sweety <3


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