Chickadee Tremor

A few weeks ago The Blogger & Vlogger Network came up with a wonderful idea. “Put your name into an imaginary hat, everyone will get a name from there, and write a blog about the blogger you will get.”

I liked that idea a lot, threw my own name in (and yes, I am soooo curious who got my name out of that imaginary hat) and the name that was send to me was

Checkadee Tremor

Immediately I took a look at her blog and right away I liked a lot what I saw. Chickadee is seriously funny. I mean really funny! So I decided, I ask her if she will give me the permission to use one or two of her photos to show you guys a bit of her work. The answer was yes… but the absolute best came right after that:

” ….right now I’m laying on the floor in this skybox with lights wrapped around my legs and my glasses are askew. I might be just a little off. You never know.”
That was at 8am during my breakfast, and it was the perfect start of my day. Thank you for that, Chickadee ♥

Have I meantioned she is funny as sh…. ?? :D here is what she was doing at that time:


But that is not the first time I saw her work. The very first time I ever saw a photo of her, I will absolutely never forget. It made my jaw drop, it made me stare at that photo for minutes, it made me go back to it over and over. (See photo at the end to take a look at my “longterm” reaction)
the photo is not funny at all, but it is mysterious, dark and …. well not only her, not only him, but the whole scene is sooooooo very sexy, I just hope those two will do more like this together! Pretty please!


I seriously recommend to follow her. I sure do it, and I really want to see more of her and her weird but so hilarious sense of humour!

Chickadee’s blog: Just a Girl in Second Life

Chickadee on Flickr: Just a Girl

And finally: This is me looking at the photo right above ^

BVN Secret Santa 2017

Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Augmented Reality 06

Bodysuit: #EMPIRE – 90’s Body @ Collabor88
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Wispers in the wind.v5 – Blonds


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