Our Own Demons

Those are the worst, and we all have them. One of mine is called “selfmade pressure”. Which is dancing around me just right now. Your reactions to my last post just made my jaw drop. I did not expect them, they knocked me out of my socks, and I am still flattered and trying to find my jaw somewhere down on the floor.

But I also do one thing I always did. I feel a pressure that is defenitely not existing. I create stress that is not there. That is a demon living deep inside me. We all have them, and the only suggestion I have is – fight them! Surround yourself with people you know they will tell you the truth. I try to avoid those who just sugar coat me. It is not helpful. My bestie would never do that. If I mess up, she will tell me right into my face. Or my butt, depending where it would have more success :D So I can be sure, if she goes “yessss” – she really means it!

Fight your demons, don’t run away from them. Instead of hiding in a corner thinking “no way I will satisfy all their expectations they have now” I just do the next pic and post. Trying to satisfy only one persons expectations: mine! Eff Off, Demon!”

Our Own Demons

Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Shattered Mind 13

Top: ChicModa // Carol Top
Skirt: ChicModa // Lynn Skirt
Hair: TRUTH – Farryn – Blonde @ Uber


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