Lillies and tattoes

The lily was a symbol of the Greek goddess Hera (Roman: Juno), again showing purity and innocence. One tale tells of lilies springing up from drops of milk spilled from Hera’s breast as she nursed Heracles. Another tells a story of how the lily acquired its pistil: as Venus rose from the ocean, she saw a lily and, jealous of the beauty of the pure-white flower, created an ugly pistil that came up from its center, thereby marring its beauty. This story accounts for the lily’s additional association with fertility and eroticism. Lilies were associated with death as well, signifying that in death, one regained one’s lost innocence and purity. (From Lilipedia)

This tattoo is as beautiful as the flower itself. It goes down the arms and the side of the upper thighs and comes in dark, medium and low. And since the Lily stands for innocence I decided it is the perfect tattoo for me.

Hey now! Shush! :D


Pose: Bauhaus Movement – Liquid Hater 09

Tattoo: .::Nanika::.Lilian Yellow


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