Safe places

Don’t we all have them? Those places we feel safe, we go and hide from the world when everything gets too much. For some those are real places. For others those places are somewhere in a dreamworld they go hide in their mind.

My safe place is my garden. Laying there between all the roses, lavender, under the huge magnolia is where I feel at peace. Even in the winter. Sitting under the roof in front of the little hut, watching the birds being busy getting some of the seeds I feed them is the best place I can imagine when the world around me goes crazy.

This week ChicModa came up with a great offer. As BishBox is gone *booooo*, everything ChicModa released through that box is now for sale in the Mainstore. Every dress, top or skirt comes as a fatpack at the all time price of 399L.

Let me show you one of those offers:

Kat BishBox Dress

Pose: Foxcity. Sits VOL2-4m

Dress: ChicModa // Kat T-Shirt Dress // BishBox April 2017
Hair: *ARGRACE* MAYU – Coppers


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