English lessons

As you know, I am no native english speaker. So I constantly run into sentences, words, sayings and such I don’t get the meaning.

Most of the time I look them up in “Urban Dictionary“, but the last time I did it, it made me spit my coffee. My bestie calls me “turd” all the time, and when I looked it up … well ya can imagine :D

So today I asked her “Hey, that term ‘I am a sucker for…’, what does that actually mean?”
She explained and explained, all made really sense. Then she came up with some cute examples. Like “I’m a sucker for cute puppies”
But then: “You are a sucker for Ewan McGregor.”
You can imagine, that was the point my coffee went towards my screen again :D

to the moon and back

Pose & Props: GingerFish Poses – Smoked

Jacket: Addams // Charlize Biker Jacket // Beige
Top: ChicModa // Carol Top
Skirt: Addams // Daga Skirt // N*1
Shoes: #EMPIRE – Lavatera
Hair: TRUTH Cheri – Blonde


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