Born this way

I already talked about friendship and honesty. Let’s talk a bit more about it. Friendship, loyalty, and being open hearted.

Almost exactly 4 years ago I met a great guy on SL. Let’s call him Jim. We actually clicked right away, and what started as a SL relationship quickly became a RL friendship. Even though we never met RL – but we had that already, right? Skype, flatrate and such.

As time went by we talked about everything real life. Job, issues, happy times. I was at his side when his father got sick and died, he had my back when I went through a major crisis.

Some day he started to talk more and more about those who are androgyneous, until I got a little suspicious. I frankly asked “Jim, are you? Androgyneous I mean?”
After some studders and hard swallowing he mumbled a silent “mmhmm”
I can only imagine how he must have felt. “How will she react? Will she be disgusted?”
Nope, she wasn’t at all. All I thought was “As much as he knows about make up, I should have known!” and I snickered and said “ok, and the alt you were talking about is….”

Well, at that time it was a male avatar. Jim quickly changed it to a female. But oh what a female. No curves, flat butt, nothing in her shirt, all black clothes, dark skin, black hair, dark make up. The whole avatar screamed “don’t look at me. Don’t see me. I am just hiding here”
Over time she gained self confidence, and today she is one of the sexiest girls I know. Gosh that girl has a butt now :D
She looks at me like a Mom on SL, and I seriously love my sweet babygirl

Be open hearted with your friends. If they can’t come to your with their most important concerns, then to whom shall they go? You don’t have to understand it, but you can always accept them as they are.


Pose & Prop: FOXCITY. Pinky Swear

Steph (right) wears:
Top: ChicModa // Cyndi Top
Shorts: Blueberry – Cossy – Denim Ripped Shorts – Midnight
Hair: TRUTH VIP October – Makena

Me (left)
Top: ChicModa // Cyndi Top
Shorts: Addams // Sienna Ripped Short // Glycine
Hair: TRUTH Cheri – Blonde


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