James Bond. Who does not know that man? Most of us grew up with that handsome spy, and we all have our favorite actor. For me it is still and will always be Sean Connery.

I always had a thing for Scots. Sean Connery back then, Ewan McGregor today…. okokok, stop dreaming, back to business.

The moment I saw this dress it made me feel like “now this is the perfect ‘Jane’ Bond dress”. It will be out November 12 at 4Mesh. The dress is called “Halle” … am I surprised? Halle Berry, one of the most gorgeous Bond girls. At least I think so, not sure what the men would say^^

Today’s song is – of course – Skyfall. Listen to Liam Wakeman, a SL live singer – and oh boy, this man can make his guitar sing.

Did anyone notice I am fangirling a lot today? :D

Finally a huge shout out and a big thank you to Tracy Redangel from GingerFish Poses. When I couldn’t find the pose I knew I saw at her store, she helped in the most awesome way within minutes. Thank you soooo much Tracy, you know I love the work you do <3


Pose & Props: GingerFish Poses – One Shot 3

Dress: ChicModa // Halle @ 4Mesh starting November 12
Hair: *ARGRACE* MAYU – Coppers


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