Darling leave a light on for me

I am a child of the 80’s, and as many of my generation I can’t get enough of that music. No, I was not born then. I was a teenager, and it was surely the best time of my life (ok, let’s not talk about school here)

What was defenitely horrible was the 80’s fahion. Those color combinations. Those mountain-like shoulderpads. And yes, I wore them all. Not to mention the hairstyles.

Let’s stop here, if I go on I will have to face some bad hair dreams tonight ^^ Instead, lets combine the best parts of then and now. Fashion of today and the music of the 80’s

leave a light on


Pose:  FOXCITY. Insomnia 6
Backdrop: SAYO – Secret Room Scene @ Collabor88
Lamp: Fancy Decor – Chain Lamp

Dress: ChicModa // Julia Dress
Necklace and Bracelet: Empyrean Forge – EF: Laurel
Hair: Stealthic – Paradox (Blondes)


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