Lil Miss Pocket Tyrant

Bento Bento Bento Bento… everywhere Bento. Everyone crazy about Bento. Middle fingers everywhere. And I swear never in my life did I see so many tongues sticked out as the past days when I went through Flickr.
For now I am not (yet) crazy about the heads. I don’t want to stick my tongue out, and I don’t want to chew. I don’t like that chewing gum chewing thing RL, neither doing nor listening to it. So why would I  want to do it in SL?
But those hands! THOSE HANDS! I was debating with myself for weeks, until I saw these awesome poses. YES.. yesyes I need!

But this is not everything this post is about. Why “lil Miss Pocket Tyrant”? Some of you know I work two wonderful jobs in SL.
One is for Jorrdan Jarman’s “Whispering Sands Live Promotions”. Officially my job is called “Administrative Assistant for Whispering Sands Live Promotions”. I call myself “Jorr’s pain in the neck” :D
My other job is actually a dream come true. I work with my best friend, my SL sister, my BFF as I think the Americans call it. Sassy Nitely. Brand Manager for her brand Chic Moda, her memory, her assistant. Her “Brain sorter” I called myself once :D
For both of them my job is basically to remind them “Today you have to do this” “Don’t forget to do that” “you need to be there or there at this or that time!”

Both of them called me slavedriver pretty quickly :D Now you understand the term “Pocket Tyrant” since I am not the tallest girl on the grid^^

So this post is dedicated to Sassy and Jorr :P



Pose & Prop (Whip): Image Essentials – Succubus – Exclusive @ :{PRETTY THINGS}: Show Room Event

This is a Bento pose set of 5 poses and their mirrors. Also comes with a mesh whip
This item is on sale for $300L


Desk & Chair: LAQ Decor ~ Secretary Desk (Multi-color System)


I am wearing:

Dress: United Colors – Sara Dress Black_Maitreya_Slink_Belleza
Hair: TRUTH VIP – February

Head: Catwa Tumble
Head Applier: amara beauty – Tori 05 toffee Catwa Applier
Body: Maitreya Lara
Skin: amara beauty – maitreya applier v.2
Hands Applier: amara beauty – omega applier v.2 (body, hands & feet)



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